Antarctic Superheroes

Funded by the National Science Foundation, Antarctic Superheroes is a graphic novel created to educate the next generation of scientists about the Polar Regions and their importance to the global ecosystem.



As a Creative Director at Academic Technologies I led a team of scientists, designers, and illustrators to create a comic that follows the journey of a group of scientists while exploring the Antarctica during the International Polar Year. Our goal was to increase student awareness among K-12 students to pursue a college degree in Science and increase the number of underrepresented minorities in other STEM fields.


By adapting dialogs from film footage and gathering academic material provided by our scientists we were able to develop combination of comic strips, fact sheets and classroom activities.



Antarctic Superheroes Vol. 1 was presented in various conferences around the world including the IPY Oslo Science Conference 2010 and the was published by the American Geophysical Union as part of Antarctic Super Heroes: Using a Graphic Novel to Teach Students About Polar Science.

Understading Data

Understanding Data Analysis is a project for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board by the University of Texas of El Paso in partnership with the UT Austin. The goal of this modular training is to facilitate a better understanding of basic concepts related to student-level data collection, interpretation and evaluation.


As a project manager and creative director I led a team of content developers, visual designers animators and engineers to develop an online training.

Understanding Data Modules content

The challenge

The challenge was to make concept-heavy content more digestible, comprehensible, and engaging in an online environment while fulfilling the curriculum designed by our team of faculty members. 

The solution

The training was divided in five self-contained modules containing animated videos, interactive activities and evaluation surveys, all of the fully accesible and in complience with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.